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Are You Dealing with Algae or Mold? Learn How to Tell the Difference

Are You Dealing with Algae or Mold? Learn How to Tell the Difference

Are You Dealing with Algae or Mold? Learn How to Tell the Difference

When a homeowner sees black streaks on their roof, they generally assume that it is either mold or algae. Some may not realize that these are different substances. At The Pressure Washing Guys we can get rid of mold or algae from your home or business – just call us at 949-514-7749. In the meantime, keep reading to find out what the difference between these substances is.

The Reason You Should Care About the Difference Between Mold and Algae

You may wonder: Why would I care if it was mold or algae? The answer is simple – one is much worse than the other one. In fact, algae is relatively harmless. It may not look great but it does not do much damage. Mold, on the other hand, is dangerous and difficult to remove. This is often because it’s caused by more serious issues in your home.

Algae is just a plant that is living in the sun and using the moisture from your roof t thrive. It is much more common than mold, and both have one thing in common: They can be killed with a soft pressure washing process that kills growth and prevents new growth.

A Description of Algae

Algae is naturally occurring. It is a moss-like plant that moves via airborne spores. It is more common in humid climates and commonly becomes an issue on asphalt roof shingles. While it does not actually damage the roof, it does look bad. Professional roof cleaning is a great way to get rid of the algae without damaging your roof. Boost your curb appeal quickly and easily with this single service.

A Description of Mold

Now that you know what algae is, let us consider what mold is. It is not as common as algae but it can be toxic. It can cause asthma, it can irate the eyes, it can cause throat pain, headaches, and, after long exposure, can even cause lung issues. As you can see, it is very important that you identify if the streaks on your roof are algae or mold.

Mold is more common in damp, warm areas and in areas that are not ventilated well, such as attics and basements. However, when it initially forms in these areas it can then spread to decks, siding, and roofs. If you have only noticed the streaks on your roof and not in your home or on other parts of the exterior of your home, then it is likely algae and not mold. Still, we recommend having it removed to be sure.

We Can Take Care of Either Issue for You

No matter if you are dealing with mold or algae on your roof, The Pressure Washing Guys is standing by to help. Call our offices today at 949-514-7749 and we will be happy to provide a free estimate. Whether it’s just an eyesore a real danger, you should not have to live with it.

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