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Commercial residential hot water pressure washing service


Choose The Pressure Washing Guys for eco-friendly cleaning

Protecting the environment and our clients’ property is important to us at The Pressure Washing Guys. This is why we take many steps to ensure that our professional residential and commercial power washing services are provided in an earth-friendly way.

We Provide Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Using:

Efficient Equipment: We use state of the art hot water pressure washing equipment that can deliver maximum cleaning effectiveness while consuming as little water and energy as possible.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents: Many pressure washing jobs can be completed with hot water alone. When a detergent is needed, we use environmentally-friendly products such as Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC). This water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable formula destroys oil and grease and is also effective as a multi-use all-purpose cleaner. It can be used on vertical and lateral surfaces without the need for any additional foaming additives.

Highly Trained Technicians: Our technicians are professionally certified in wash water control through the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. We know how to prevent used wash water from running off into storm drains, where it could contaminate the environment. We follow all city ordinances, guidelines, and requirements for safe wash water disposal.

We Care About Your Satisfaction

In some contexts, the “eco-friendly” solution is sometimes the less effective one. This is definitely not the case when it comes to cleaning services from The Pressure Washing Guys. Our local, family-owned and operated business can clean your property better than the competition with green products and techniques. We sincerely care about your satisfaction and we guarantee you will love our work.

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