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Learn Three Pressure Washing Secrets from the Professionals

Learn Three Pressure Washing Secrets from the Professionals

Learn Three Pressure Washing Secrets from the Professionals

As The Pressure Washing Guys we know the ins and outs of pressure washing. We know all the pressure washing secrets that you may wonder about. If you have a question about a specific pressure washing product or process, contact us at 949-514-7749. Otherwise, keep reading to get learn three pressure washing secrets from the pressure washing professionals.

Secret #1: Pressure Washing Can Help Fight Allergies

While most people don’t think of it this way, the truth is that pressure washing can actually help fight allergies and other illnesses. Think of it like this: Mold and pollen are among the most common allergies in the world. Siding and roofs have a lot of pollen caught in them, and mold can grow on them. No matter how well you hose off your house, you are not going to get rid of the pollen. You are not likely to get entirely rid of mold or mildew.

This is not true of pressure washing. It can help get rid of these substances before they can cause serio issues. Mold allergies can lead to severe reactions, people who are immune compromised can have serious reactions to mildew – and pressure washing can help get rid of all of it.

Secret #2 There is a Lot of Algae, Moss, and Lichen on Your Roof

Is this true of everyone’s roof? No – but it is true that all of these creepy crawlies like roofs. It is also true that most homeowners never see their roof and have no idea until these issues have caused real problems. It may not be until their roof has started to leak that a homeowner starts to wonder what is on their roof.

All three of those organisms mentioned are capable of damaging shingles. In fact, shingles can be a great source of food – and once they start eating they will not stop. The good news is that we can pressure wash your roof with a chemical that gets rid of these organisms and keeps them away.

Secret #3 Pressure Washing Can Make Surfaces Safer

If you see dirt, algae, moss, etc. growing on your property, you likely call in the pressure washing professionals because you do not like the way it looks. However, it is actually more important than that – it can help make surfaces safer. Mold is slippery. Dirt can turn into mud and be slipped on. If you have anyone on your property who has mobility issues, we recommend having your property cleaned to remove these hazards.

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