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Lake Forest CA

The city of Lake Forest CA is aptly named, in that it does contain a lake and a forest. However, these features are both man made. The lakes were made to form a pretty setting for housing and condo developments, while the forest is the remnants of a eucalyptus plantation started here in the 1900s. Before locals changed the name of their community to Lake Forest CA, it was known as El Toro after the nearby Marine Corps Air Station. When you need high-quality pressure washing you need The Pressure Washing Guys. With more than a decade of experience, exceptional client reviews, and a reputation that can’t be beat, we are here to help. We clean to the highest industry standards and are proud to be a local, family-owned and operated company. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents combined with powerful commercial equipment to ensure we get your home, roof, etc. cleaned with the right amount of pressure and heat without the risk of damage.

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