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Jane L.

Jane L.

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I recently evicted my tenant and as retaliation, he trashed my place!  During the 2 years he lived there, he had done everything from park a commercial fork lift (yes, seriously!) on the driveway to damaging the stucco outside the house.  The interior of the house was a wreck too!  Needless to say, my tenant created a ton of HOA headaches for me and my neighbors.  On the exterior of the house, my tenant’s parked commercial forklift left heavy rust stains on the drive way, his poor parenting skills meant his kids sprayed some sort of blue solution all around the outside of the house… a typical spray down w/ water couldn’t do the job.  I called The Pressure Washing Guys and Bret was able to set me up w/ an appointment a few days later.  Don, his partner, came out and did the actual work.  The rust stains on my driveway are pretty much gone– you can’t even really tell.  The blue stains on my wall are shades lighter. I think it’s fair to say I now have the cleanest house in the neighborhood!  Great quality!  Great service!  Give these guys a call, you won’t regret it.

Now I only wish we took some before and after shots so you guys could see the great work they did.

Jane L. March 14, 2018

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