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Jennifer R.

Jennifer R.

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So my new neighbors just had the whole house pressure washed , just a little bit of overspray came onto my patio .
I actually thought it was drizzling outside.
I stepped out to see what was going on and Brett greeted me.
So very nice and personable , remember, I did not hire these guys!!
Im just a neighbor that had a little bit of overspray.
I was just inquiring when they would be done and how much more they were going to wash to know if I had to move stuff in from my patio or not.
Brett immediately offered to wash my patio when they were done with the house they were working on…. what?
Who does that???
I wish I would’ve taken a before picture.. my patio looks amazing.
Near incredibly nice sweet guys that did such a great job for free !!!, just to make sure I wasn’t inconvenienced!!!
If ever need any kind of service like this I would never go to any other company.
So awesome!!
thank you so very much!!!

Jennifer R. March 14, 2018

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