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John T.

John T.

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Once again I am on yelp looking for some service for my boss. This time around it’s for external cleaning, high-pressure style. I go on yelp and I do a quick search. One of the companies that stands out is the Pressure Wash Guys. I spoke directly with Brett who is one of the Owners. I will evaluate the pressure washer guys along the following criteria:

Professionalism, flexibility, and friendliness.

Professionalism to me means taking pride in your work, owning up to mistakes should you make them, and being thorough with the job. The pressure wash guys definitely embody this professionalism. When they were finished they asked me to walk the property and point out anything that they may have missed. They gladly fixed all the points I found.

These gentlemen we are extremely flexible. They did not frown nor give me any guff when I had them fix the discrepancies. To me that shows that they understand certain clients have varying degrees of attentiveness. That level of tolerance, and customer service puts them ahead of the competition.

Finally, how friendly are these guys? They are very friendly. You can count them to speak to you with warmth and friendliness. Even when they were in a rush they still came and fixed the discrepancies with a smile.

If you yourself are understanding, flexible, and friendly then the golden rule will prevail and you will be greeted with the same level of respect. Lastly there’s a lot to be said about those were hungry for work and willing to order them. Right now the weather sucks. But guess who is still trucking along some eight hours later. The Pressure Wash guys :)

I would highly recommend them for their work, professionalism, flexibility, and friendliness.

John T. March 14, 2018

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