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Why is Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing So Important?

Why is Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing So Important?

Why is Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing So Important?

At The Pressure Washing Guys we are proud of our eco-friendly pressure washing services. Many clients appreciate this, but others wonder: Why is it so important? Does it work as well as other types of press washing? Today we are going to answer these and other questions. If you still have questions, or are ready to get started, contact The Pressure Washing Guys at 949-514-7749 for an estimate.

Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Saves Water

It may seem counterintuitive when you see how much water is used in a typical pressure washing project, but it actually uses less water than you would use if you did the same job with your own hose. Why? Because the water is so much more powerful. When we optimize the pressure and heat, we can get rid of dirt, grime, stains, etc., much more quickly than you would using much more water with a hose.

Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Protects the Ground Water

We use eco-friendly cleaners for a number of reasons. First of all, if it makes its way into the ground water, there is no concern. Compare this to typical chemicals used to clean buildings and you can see that this makes a big difference. Note that we do collect and recycle water when necessary and using eco-friendly cleaners make that process easier too.

Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Saves Energy

Because it can be done more quickly than traditional cleaning, pressure washing uses much less energy. This helps save money by reducing utility bills but it also ensures that our carbon footprint is lower. We are constantly assessing our tools, methods, and equipment to find the most energy efficient and eco-friendly options for cleaning.

There’s No Reasons Not to Use Eco-Friendly Options

There is a common misconception that eco-friendly pressure washing options do not offer the same level of cleaning power you would see with traditional power washing. In fact, this is the number one reason people say they do not want to use eco-friendly cleaning agents.

We understand this. In fact, our top priority is offering optimal cleaning services. As a result, if eco-friendly cleaning methods and agents weren’t as effective, we would not offer them. In recent years, companies have come up with truly innovative, eco-friendly options that offer results that are as good as or better than you would get with traditional methods.

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